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Understand the Benefits of Car Detailing in St. George


It doesn’t take long for the heat and sand of St. George and surrounding areas to leave your car looking old and dingy. Unfortunately, running through the carwash at your nearest Southern Utah gas station can cause damage; sometimes, brushes and cheap products leave behind scratches, blemishes, and residue. Professional car detailing at Renu Auto involves much more than car cleaning.

How the Automatic Car Wash Affects Your Vehicle

Your decision to take your car or truck to a car detailing service in St. George begins with understanding the consequences of using an automatic car wash. After all, those facilities are quick, convenient, and affordable. If you cherish your car and want it to last for a long time, you should understand how this convenience affects your car:

  • Car wash brushes aren’t cleaned, so they have a buildup of dirt, sand, and grime from all the cars before yours.
  • Workers at the car wash may use the same cloths for drying multiple cars, once again carrying harsh substances from one automobile to another.
  • The various materials that make up the exterior and interior of your car require different cleaning methods.
  • An incomplete drying process means that hidden pockets of moisture may lead to rust.
  • Car wash workers don’t look for or attend to any necessary repairs.

When you want your car to retain its original beauty, you need to work with car detailing professionals with expertise and equipment. Renu Auto offers top-notch services throughout St. George, Southern Utah, Mesquite, and Las Vegas.

Why You Should Pay for Detailing

Investing in maintaining the physical condition of your car or truck is a critical component of enjoying the driving experience. The work you put into keeping your car in great shape pays off in improved efficiency and a longer lifespan, as well as a variety of other benefits:

  • Preservation of exterior paint
  • Fresh, clean interior
  • Reduction of wear and tear
  • Alert that repairs are necessary
  • Protection for car value
  • Increased market resale value

At Renu Auto, our professionals focus on the important details that provide these benefits. This expert touch is one of the many reasons to invest in our professional services.

What To Expect From Our Professionals

When you pull in for vehicle detailing, you can expect that several steps will take place. First, the interior of the car will be deep cleaned. This includes steam cleaning, vacuuming, shampooing, and conditioning. In addition to leaving your car clean and fresh, this cleaning step kills germs throughout the vehicle. The next step is comprehensive exterior cleaning, including tires and rims. Technicians handwash the car, protect your paint, add appropriate waxes and finishes, and dry vulnerable areas. Once the car cleaning is complete, technicians move on to any necessary corrections and repairs. This vital step involves removing any contaminants embedded in the paint and glass. It also involves cleaning the wheels, wheel wells, and calipers for smoother, safer braking. As these steps are completed, Renu Auto technicians provide protection for the beautiful finish on the exterior of the car and the many interior components.

Ultimately, you will pay a bit more for professional car detailing. In the end, however, you will experience many benefits that are well worth your initial investment. Reach out by phone (435-632-9784), contact us online, or send an email to schedule your appointment.

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