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The Ultimate In Vehicle Protection and peace of mind

XPEL, the pioneer in self-healing paint protection film (PPF), has partnered with Renu Auto to bring you the ULTIMATE PLUS lineup. Designed for premium protection, it shields your vehicle against scratches, scuffs, and chips. And the best part? Even the thickest film remains nearly invisible! Choose from our diverse range to meet your unique needs.

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Keeping Your Vehicle Looking New in St. George and Beyond

ULTIMATE PLUS PPF offers the high gloss finish you want with the advanced impact resistance you need to keep your vehicle looking new. Whether you’re parked or driving down the highway, the elastomeric polyurethane film will protect your vehicle. ULTIMATE PLUS is renowned for its heat-activated self-healing property. You no longer have to worry about the many projectiles you commonly encounter, such as gravel, road debris, bird droppings, bug acids and oils, or chipped paint. Let Renu Auto provide protection to your entire vehicle, or if you choose, a specific part like a ClearBra. Numerous customization options are available.

Why Choose XPEL ULTIMATE at Renu Auto?

Our Southern Utah, Mesquite, and Las Vegas customers trust us and ULTIMATE PLUS. Here’s why:
  • Heat-Activated Self-Healing Topcoat: Imagine a surface that heals itself! Our innovative topcoat erases light scratches and swirl marks with just a hint of heat. Watch them vanish like magic!

  • Stain-Resistant Brilliance: Go beyond protection! Our film battles stains and discoloration, preserving its crystal-clear appearance no matter where you drive or how tough the conditions.

  • Unyielding Bond with Won’t Lift Technology: Worried about peeling and lifting? With XPEL’s unique Edge Seal Technology, the film clings to your vehicle, forming an invincible shield against elements. It stays put, period.

  • Non-Yellowing Excellence: Say goodbye to the unsightly yellow hue that plagues ordinary films. Our unique formulation guarantees a clean, invisible protection that lets your car’s true colors shine through.

  • Timeless Shields Against Wear and Tear: Nicks, chips, scratches – daily nuisances that lead to a worn-out look. Not with ULTIMATE PLUS! Our film guards your car as if it’s armor-clad, keeping it as youthful and vibrant as the day you bought it. Years down the line, prepare to be amazed!

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Paint Protection Film

Which ULTIMATE PLUS Product Is Right for You?

  • ULTIMATE PLUS – The ULTIMATE PLUS film invisibly protects your vehicle’s paint from scratches, scuffs, chips and other flaws that tend to occur during everyday use.
  • ULTIMATE PLUS 7 – If your vehicle’s paint already has some damage, the ULTIMATE PLUS 7 can conceal it and further protect it. This PPF provides excellent results.
  • ULTIMATE PLUS 10 – If you go offroading or travel through unrelenting conditions, the rugged layer of urethane that comprises ULTIMATE PLUS 10 can take it all. Your vehicle will emerge from the chaos looking new.
  • ULTIMATE PLUS Black – If you want to refresh your vehicle’s style, enhance its customization, and strengthen its paint’s protection, ULTIMATE PLUS Black is ideal. The urethane layer is opaque and can transform any vehicle’s paint condition and color into a deep, beautiful glossy black that provides superior protection against the elements.

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Ready for the Next Step in PPF?

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