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You can count on the professionals at Renu Auto for complete St. George car wash services. We provide a full range of car cleaning, paint correction and finish protection options for you to choose from.

Interior and Exterior Cleaning Services

Renu cleaning services remove the Southern Utah dust and grime inside and out. Whether you need detailing services or maintenance cleaning, we’ve got you covered with the following car cleaning options:

  • Exterior hand wash: If your car is already detailed, run it by your nearest car wash to keep it looking good. Renu Auto offers hand-washing services, so you can trust us to get the dirt off.
  • Interior vacuum and wipe: When you need basic interior maintenance, we’ll vacuum your carpets, wipe down interior surfaces and clean the inside windows.
  • Exterior detail: Renu offers complete detail services in Mesquite and the Las Vegas area. An exterior detail involves removing embedded contaminants from your car’s glass and paint, cleaning and degreasing the brake calipers, wheel wells and wheels. We’ll also rehydrate the trim on the exterior and infuse the paint with SiO2 ceramic sealant.
  • Interior detail: Renu’s St. George car wash location offers deep-cleaning services for the interior of your car. Our interior detail includes steam cleaning from top to bottom, giving you a new car feel and germ-free environment.

Paint Repair Services

Driving on Southern Utah roads can wreak havoc on your car’s paint. Our paint repair services can undo the damage and help you protect your car’s exterior. We offer three levels of service to choose from:

  • 1-Step repairs: This basic level of repair is a good annual maintenance option, especially if you’ve received our 3-step services. This service includes a full exterior detail plus a light polish.
  • 2-Step repairs: To add a bit more shine to your car, try our 2-step repair services. We do a complete exterior detail, then add compound to stubborn scratches before polishing the whole thing.
  • 3-Step repairs: This complete correction service gives your paint a complete workover, in addition to the exterior detail. We electronically measure the paint depth before applying compound across the surface. We then polish the paint twice to give it added shine.

Finish Protection Services

With Renu Auto’s finish protection services, you choose the level of protection that gives you the results you want. Our silver-level paint sealant protects the paint for three to six months. With our gold-level ceramic coatings, you receive a ceramic-infused coating that can last years when you properly maintain your vehicle.

If you want the biggest car cleaning benefits from our St. George wash, our platinum level ceramic protection services are for you. We use a coating that heals your car’s paint when the sun warms the surface, giving you protection that can last the life of a well-maintained vehicle.

Add-On Services

If you have additional cosmetic needs for your vehicle, try one of our add-on services, including:

  • Odor removal
  • Engine detail
  • Brake caliper restoration
  • Wheel repair
  • Headlight restoration

Your St. George Car Wash

For complete car cleaning services at your nearest car wash, you can trust the professionals at Renu Auto to get the job done right. Mix and match from among our complete line of offerings to create the package you desire. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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