The Challenges of Repairing Matte (Flat) Paint

Matte paint provides a few unique challenges. To create a matte finish, you need to create a perfectly consistent, uneven finish (I know, that sounds weird). This is contrary to the perfectly smooth finish that you try to achieve to create a gloss finish. Imagine gloss clear coat being a flat cement freeway surface. A […]

Our entry-level service is the least expensive, but may be the most important!

Our Wash/Vac/Wipe service is our lowest cost service we offer, but it’s honestly one of the most important. That statement is going to make me really unpopular with other detail shops who are have a strict mission of “selling” very expensive Paint Corrections and Paint Coatings. And while both of those services are very important, […]

Why You Should NEVER Drive Through a Car Wash Again!

They’re everywhere. Every busy intersection. Every gas station. Every city in America. They’re drive-through car washes and they’re destroying your car. Many utilize a drive-through car wash as part of their weekly routine. It’s a chance to scroll through Facebook for a couple of minutes, maybe grab some gas and snacks at the same time. […]

Water spots, Southern Utah’s greatest enemy against automotive paint!

Well, second greatest enemy. The greatest enemy against the beauty of our automotive finishes are the extreme amounts of UV exposure from the sun that we get, but more on that in another article. Water spots, on the other hand, have immediate and long lasting effects on our car finishes. St. George receives some of […]