Paint Correction & Ceramic Coatings

What is Paint Correction?

Paint Correction service goes far beyond your usual “buff and shine”.  We use an extensive amount of tools and training to eliminate every possible scratch, micro-marring, and swirl mark in your paint to produce absolute perfection.  This creates a gloss and shine that makes your vehicle look better than new!  We don’t just cover up swirl marks with wax and glazes, but rather remove them for good. 

How do we Remove these defects?

Rather than try to “fill” those defects in the paint with a wax or glaze, the correct way to repair them is through “leveling” or polishing down into the paint to make the clear coat perfectly smooth again on a microscopic level.  The image gives an exaggerated illustration of the difference between utilizing a Light (1-Stage), Medium (2-Stage) or Deep (3-Stage) Paint Correction service to eliminate defects.







After your paint is corrected, it's time to Coat it!

The best way to protect paint is with a Ceramic Coating. 

Ceramic Coatings are an exciting development in modern day car care. Where as a “wax” or “sealant” will wash away and evaporate after a few months, a paint coating is a permanent layer of protection you can add to your vehicle’s surface!

When compared to a traditional wax or sealant, a ceramic coating forms a MUCH harder, thicker, layer of protection that is resistant to UV, bird droppings, water spotting, etc.

My favorite part about having a vehicle with a paint coating is the release properties.  Because it’s harder for dirt to “stick” to a car that’s been coated, it stays cleaner longer and washes much easier than a vehicle without a coating.

Check out how dirt and grime just rolls off your car with a Ceramic Coating!

Paint Protection Film St George

What are the benefits of paint coating?

  • Increased protection for your paint against UV damage, bird droppings, oxidation, etc.

  • Dramatic increase in depth and gloss of the paint

  • Vehicle stays cleaner for longer between washes

  • Easier to wash (self cleaning effect lets attached dirt rinse off vehicle much easier)

  • Convenience! Safe to use Automated Touchless Car Washes.  The harsh chemicals won’t affect the coatings

  • Increased scratch resistance (not scratch-proof! Proper care is still mandatory, even on a coated vehicle)

  • Eliminate the need to wax!  Reduces maintenance costs over your ownership period.

  • Preserve the value in your vehicle!

  • Opt for our “Self Healing” Coating to have light scratches help themselves in the sun!

What sets us apart is our self-healing technology

Want your car to always look better than your neighbor’s?

Our Pro-Level Ceramic now comes with SELF-HEAL technology. This is the most exciting development since Ceramic Coatings were invented.

We are the only installer in Southern Utah of this revolutionary new technology. Check out this video!

See our self-healing technology in action!

Check out our video to show just how our self-healing coating works on a car. Contact us today for a custom quote to protect your vehicle!

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Every vehicle and every owner’s needs are different. Tell me about what vehicle you have, how long you plan to own it, and what you want out your Ceramic Coating, and I’ll personally recommend what will benefit you personally the most. Click on the link below to contact us for a free quote: