Brand new redesigned G-Wagon made even better with Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating

The redesigned 2019 G-Wagon is one of my guilty pleasures. It’s a big, giant, ostentatious, gas guzzling behemoth of an SUV, but there’s something rather special about wafting around town in a modern day tank while having the siphonous baritone side-exit exhaust announcing your every arrival. It’s a formula that has worked for Mercedes since they first introduced the G-Wagon 30+ years ago, and for the first time, they did a COMPLETE redesign.

This new 2019 iteration is exquisite. The chassis, the leather, the quality of engineering & craftsmanship are so many light years above G-Wagons of past generations.

The only way to improve it? Correction of factory finishing defects.

Just about every modern car comes from the factory with defects in the finishing work, some more than other, but these errors all detract from the gloss and beauty of your new vehicle!

The G63 is no exception. While not NEARLY as bad as the Ferrari 458 we recently completed (click here to read about that), there was still room for improvement on this luxury tank.

Check out this video to see some of the “holograming” or light trails that are riddled throughout the finish of this G-Wagon from the factory:

This is caused by a factory technician using a very aggressive rotary polisher and compound to level something like a piece of dust in the paint, but not finishing the process completely.

You can also see where compound has been burned into the plastic trim on the fender lights.

The Decontamination wash starts with a thorough foam bath.

After the paint received a wash, clay bar and de-wax treatment it was apparent that the hood and front fenders had deep water spots that needed to be compounded and polished out.

The hologram’s were also very apparent under our lighting.

There were also very deep scuffs on the front fenders where they meet the hood.

All the plastic and rubber trim is then taped off to protect it during the polishing stage.

The paint then receives a deep polish both to correct the defects we highlighted above, as well as to prepare the paint to adhere to the Ceramic Coating.

Rear spare wheel is removed to polish and coat the rear tailgate.

This also was an opportunity to correct other defects such as this rubber glue that was left on the roof near the sunroof.

Other small issues are addressed at the same time such as polishing the exhaust tips.

Lots of tape needed on these vehicles.

And now it’s all wrapped up!

Freshly corrected, and coated, looking better than new!

The Ceramic Coating not only adds tons of gloss, protection and ease of maintenance, but also the preparation steps help to correct all the little issues that even brand new cars have, making your vehicle the best looking one on the block!