Our entry-level service is the least expensive, but may be the most important!

Our Wash/Vac/Wipe service is our lowest cost service we offer, but it’s honestly one of the most important. That statement is going to make me really unpopular with other detail shops who are have a strict mission of “selling” very expensive Paint Corrections and Paint Coatings. And while both of those services are very important, and provide a stunning end product, they can be quickly undone without properly maintaining the vehicle through regular Wash/Vac/Wipe services.

When a Wash/Vac/Wipe service is performed, the vehicle is being pre-rinsed, top to bottom, with reverse osmosis water to knock off the majority of dirt and contaminates from the surface. This is followed up by using a wash media that has an extremely high content of lubricity polymers and surfactants. That’s basically a fancy word for a medium that helps “lift” dirt, and then encapsulate it in soft little “micro-balls” that help ensure it isn’t marring your finish as it’s lifted from the surface. My favorite part about this wash media is that it actually leaves behind a light layer of protectants on the finish each time it’s used so you’re getting a little “boost” of protection and gloss on the clear coat each time the vehicle is washed.

The interior gets a quick vacuum top to bottom and a wipe down of all surfaces. It’s not a detail, but it’s a great way to maintain the integrity of all your interior surfaces. The reason for this is that when dirt is left in the carpets, it gets VERY abrasive over time and actually “grinds” the fibers of the carpet to dust! Have you ever had a floor mat where the little spot where the heel of your accelerator foot has completely deteriorated to nothing? This is because that dirt is grinding that area away every time you rest your foot there. The same goes for leather. Skin oils, dirt, sunblock; all these are breaking away the finish and integrity of your leather. Giving it a light wipe down and removing this dirt once a week will be LIGHT YEARS more effective than neglecting it, and then doing an extensive leather conditioning treatment once or twice a year.

After pulling this GT3 into the sunlight and seeing how deep and glossy the finish was I was reminded of just how important correct maintenance is to a vehicle’s surfaces. This car still looks like the day it came off the showroom floor because contaminates are never left on the car long enough to etch, marr or degrade the finish.

As much as I like doing extensive restoration paint and interior details and installing life-long protection with Paint Coatings, the biggest asset you can do to keep your car looking, smelling and feeling great over your ownership period, is actually our least expensive service. Maintain your car through regular, high quality Wash/Vac/Wipe maintenance.