For over 10 years, we have been Southern Utah’s most experienced Ceramic Coating Installer and Auto Detail specialists.

Renu Auto Detailing

Auto Detail

Throwing an overly greasy tire shine on the exterior and using a gallon of Armor-All across your interior is not “detailing”. That’s masking the problem. A Renu “Detail” is designed not only to clean and completely disinfect your vehicle, but to create “That New Car Feeling.”

Renu Auto Paint Protection

Paint Protection

Paint Correction is a labor-intensive process of compounding & polishing clear coat to create a microscopically flat and defect-free finish. Rather than try to mask swirl marks with wax, Paint Correction beautifies your finish to better than new in most cases, and lasts for as long as it’s maintained.

Renu Auto Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating

Long term protection, ease of maintenance and intense added gloss, our Ceramic Coatings can only be installed by Factory Certified Technicians and are of the best quality available on the market. Renu Automotive is your expert for Ceramic Coatings in Southern Utah.

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