Southern Utah's Premier Auto Wash and Detail Source

Interior Detailing with Steam

We set ourselves apart from the competition with the use of steam cleaning technology on our interior details. Not only does it provide a cleaner interior than anyone else, but is completely antibacterial as well!

Weekly Wash Program

Jump on our weekly mobile wash program and ensure your vehicle is always looking its best!

Headlight Restoration

Headlight restoration keeps your lenses looking great and ensures your safety when driving at night!

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Paint Correction Service

Having your car paint-corrected brings your finish back to it's factory condition. An intensive process, paint-correction removes all swirls and micro-maring to ensure your vehicle looks better than new!

Wheel Repair

Eliminate unsightly curb rash and other cosmetic damage on your wheels with our wheel repair service.

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Remember that feeling you had when your car was brand new? Renu is like a little factory that produces that feeling, over and over again.


Premium Detailing.

...without the premium price.  Our car details feature no Greasy dressings, no dust left in the vents.  Let us know what bothers you most about your vehicle and we'll spend extra time to make sure it's perfect

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Wheel Repair.

Hurry.  Have that curb rash or other wheel damage repaired on your husband's wheels before he gets back into town and finds out you took his car out for ladies night!  We'll get it fixed so he'll never be the wiser, and you'll be driving on the wheels the same day.

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Foggy Headlights.

They're like beer goggles for your car.  You won't be able to see at night, you'll be swerving all over the road because of it, and it's just plain unsafe.  Restore your headlights and we'll re-polish them for life, for FREE.

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Built to impress

Windshield Repair.

When you get a windshield rock chip on your way to work, just say your favorite swear word, shake your fist at the dump truck driver ahead of you, and then call Renu.  We'll make it like it never happened.

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